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New Year Let's Get Intentional

Hey Sol Warr;ors! Long time no see! I hope 2022 was good for you. For me, it was up and down, but nonetheless, I had a lot of lessons that I learned and brought with me into the new year. Now let me give you all a recap of my 2022 since I have been gone for this year.

I started two new jobs working overnight. 0/10 do not recommend. Overnight is not a thing for me. As much as I love my sleep I have not been able to get it. Outside of these new jobs, I experienced many new things ie situationships. (It was really just one but still) Chileeeee when I tell you, I gave up on relationships this year, it's the truth. I don't have the time to give my energy to people who don't value my worth or even try to provide you with at least 50% of them. I learned that not everyone deserves me. I am a unique person, with lots of love to give but sometimes that doesn't always help in the long run. Some people like to take advantage of people like that.

Also in 2022, I found myself at one of my lowest times this last year which had me scared for myself and those around me. But with God and my support system, I made it through the storm. Honestly, if I had to give 2022 a name it would be called "A Season of Learning" because I had to go through a lot of pain and self-reflection to get to 2023. This is why the word of the year for 2023 is intentional. I want you to write down everything you want to accomplish this year and put it somewhere that you will see every day. Every time you accomplish one of those goals mark it off and over time you will see how much you have accomplished within the year.

Being intentional in your lifestyle is going to help you in the long run. We have to stop allowing things that we wouldn't allow. That goes for people too, if you know you don't like how a person treats/talks to you stop allowing it. Tell them how it makes you feel and if it doesn't stop; be intentional about what you want to do as the next step. The same goes for your job. If you are working in a job that no longer fits your needs or stimulates you, finds something that will. Not something that will just pay the bills but something that you actually want to do.

This year I am doing just that. I have started applying to jobs that I want to work in long-term and not just jobs that will pay my bills. I learned last year that I am not being true to myself when I am in places where I see that I cannot expand or grow in. Understanding that about myself allowed me to do more that fulfills myself than doing things that just get the job done. I also started the research on going to grad school since that has been a heavy topic of mines for quite sometime. I finally figured out what I would like to study in grad school. Let's be intentional Sol Warr;ors. No is a complete sentence and it doesn't need any explanation to it.

I hope you can walk away with something that was said here. If you would like to reach out to me you can do so by email at, text at (225)341-1672, or by DM at @apprehenlife.

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