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Are Friendships Fundamental in College?

*cues "What About Your Friends" by TLC*

So everyone has friends, some more than others, but friends in college is a major part of your life. Why? Because these are the people that will you be able to keep in your life throughout your years of college. These friend groups have a meaning to whether it's studying for a test, going out into town, or even just to sit around the house and watch movies and do each other hair.

So personally, I missed out on my friend group in college because during my freshman year that was my first "group". I was in the band and I don't like meeting new people so I only stayed with the guard (ya girl use to twirl flags). We literally did everything together until our sophomore year came about and I was joining my sorority, things got rocky. I was been talked about and all and I didn't know nor understood why. So after I crossed I was trying to do more things with them, but they weren't having that. I remember this as if it was yesterday, I went to a basketball game with my spec/mentor and my "friends" was there too. So Britney and I walked in the game and I receive a text and it read "Oh you join a sorority and forget who your friends are" at that point I was lost for words. That's when I knew that the bond we had was over. It took me a year to actually like the people in my chapter I only stayed around two other people and my line sister and I was always in some mess because I was the quiet one and everyone just knew that I was an easy target.

So anywho fast forward to today's time, I literally only hang with my sorority and if I am not with them I am in hibernation in my room. I realized that I am only social when I have to be other than that, I really just mind my own and be chillin'.

So I went to twitter and asked the following questions:

Did you come to college with a group of friends?