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Signs of Depression

Do you know if you are falling into a depressive episode? Well here are some signs:

  • starting to distance themselves

  • (if you was already a homebody) lock themselves in their room more

  • eating habits increase or decrease

  • start missing work and/or school

  • not able to explain things

  • assignments are being done after the due date

  • taking everything you say offensive

  • easily triggered and always on edge

These are just some of the signs going into a depressive episode. When you or someone you know is showing these signs, HELP them. HELP yourself. SPEAK UP! Most people don't know how to handle depression, so you may get triggered and your feelings may get hurt. But do not and I mean DO NOT shut down even more. Keep expressing yourself. Seek counseling, if your inner circle isn't enough for you. I know at my university we offer free counseling so check out your university before you go out and spend money on something you can get for free. When you feel like you aren't being heard tell them that and if that still doesn't work KEEP TALKING! Write it down and express yourself. Find support groups with people who have experienced these things before in their lives.

I have experienced depressive episodes. My last episode was personally my worse episode that I have experienced. I was on edge, steady crying over small and big things, and I even got hurt during the episode, that made things even harder to manage and understand. My anxiety was sky high. I lost my job due to my episode because I felt as if I was being attacked and I wasn't able to control my emotions. But the one thing I did constantly was talking about it. I knew I wasn't being heard, but I kept talking. I made my own support group. I found another one on Twitter. I went to counseling every two weeks. I made sure that SOMEBODY was going to hear me.

So if you or someone you know needs a listening ear I am here! I may not be the best at comfort but I try the best way I know how.

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