New Year, New Start, New Planning!!

First thing first, Happy New Year!! I hope your holidays were filled with lots of love and laughter. As we are in January, I would like us to do something to continue to make this year our year. It was told me different times at the end of last year that 2019, that this year is the year for the harvest. That 2018 broke us down so we can grow and prosper in 2019. So I challenge you to reflect on 2018, whatever broke you let it be a lesson and allow 2019 to show you that something bigger and better is going to happen for you.

Personally, I would like to share some of the new goals that I want to achieve for this year. The first one is starting my bullet journal. I have been researching, watching videos and all on how I can get started and be able to do things my way to be organized more. The second thing that I am going to start is my vision board for this year. Since I am graduating in May I need to know where I want to be and how I plan on getting there. The third thing that I am going to is start working out again. I did start last summer with a group of people and I fell off once my depression kept coming more frequently. Lastly, I am going to start doing things by myself and stop looking for relationships/friendships. I realized that I am anti-social and have been for quite some years but now it's time to take it and say "I wasn't born a twin. It was just me. So I can do anything that I want by myself. Without getting confirmation of others."

So I figure that I cannot give out things that I would like yall to do without supplying the tools that you may need to get started!

So here's my board on Pinterest named, "New Year, New Start, New Planning:

Also here's a document that I used to start my vision board because YOU have to know what you want to happen in 2019, so you can achieve it!! Click here to open the document.

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