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As I sit here knowing of the responsibilities that I have to do knowing of the people that I’ve hurt and the ones who have hurt me knowing of the tears that fall from eyes I can’t help but to think why me? Why Kyy? Life was great just two years. Or was it? Was I lost in the idea that nothing could get worst... Was I under the assumption that only greater things was yet to come? Granted they did but did I live in that moment so much that I didn’t realize that I was sinking? That my load on my back was more than I could carry? Or was it the fact that I didn’t want to believe it and that if I continued to keep pushing everything would fall into place? Where is Kyy? I know she’s somewhere but where? Where did I lose her at and when did she disappear? Who’s this thing that took over her body? It’s overstayed it’s welcome for to long and Kyy is ready to come back. But she’s scared. Everything she’s loved or wanted has all walked away from her. She’s starting over and that’s scary for someone who’s been missing for quite some time now. She’s looking for the light. She sees it but it’s still dim. It flickers on and off but she keeps going towards it. Kyy is coming. When? We don’t know but she’s coming and she’s going to be okay...

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