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Cleansing Your Soul Before the New Year

So last night, I decided that today I will do a detox. I will not be on social media for two months. Social media has become a very toxic outlet for a lot for a lot of reasons and that is also one of the reasons that I need a break from it. During this time, I will be reading more, doing different DIY projects and vlogging more. I am also starting a new YouTube channel with one of my neos, Kenya, where we will be discussing various things and just being ourselves in our everyday life. The channel should be up sometime this week and I would do another blog post about it. Since I won't have access to my Twitter or Instagram to promote it as I would like to it probably won't get as many views. Yesterday, I choose to live and today I am going to do with everything that I do from this moment on.

So I want to challenge you. Try removing yourself off of your social media for a week or two you don't have to go cold turkey for two months like myself but see how life is without the internet. Who cares what Jay-Z tweeted and what artist is beefing and who is arguing on twitter or facebook. Do something that makes you happy and find your inner peace.

If you need to reach me I will be available through email,, but not by DMs until Feb 5. If you need my number I will be more than happy to give it to you.

So until next time guys.

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