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Hey guises, it's me, Kyy! As we are approaching 2019, we have A LOT to prepare for just for the simple fact of the matter is its a "New Year New You"! With that being said we have to get our bodies, mind, and spirit ready for everything that we want to accomplish. So I challenge you to start now write down 7 MAJOR goals you want to accomplish by next December. Three (3) of those 7 should be goals that you want to do before or on the midway mark of the year. Then I want you to have at least five (5) or more mini goals that you want to have by the end of next year as well.

So I'll start my 7 Major goals are:

1. Haveˈkänfədənt up and running 2. Graduate college 3. Find a job that will help me with my nonprofit 4. Travel the United States and become a motivational speaker 5. Save AT LEAST $3,500 in my savings 6. Start my own business 7. Become a model

My 5 small goals are:

1. Start back working out 2. Become a personal trainer 3. Become a mentor to the public 4. Get back into arts and crafts 5. Become more open about my past and sexuality

Also, if you are in a relationship I suggest that you make a New Years Resolution together as well so you both will know what you want and expect from each other personally and out of the relationship that you are in. Communication is key, so talk about it before just throwing it at them. Remember it's a two way street not a one way.

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