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Meet Sol Era Brand

Sol-Era is a sunglasses brand that offers unique styles and frames that are the perfect frame for just about any occasion or outfit. Founded in 2019 this fairly new brand has been making waves on the internet and gaining in popularity on social media. K.D. Smith of Birmingham, AL is the brand's founder and CEO. "I wanted to create a business out of a product that I could really stand behind and sunglasses was that 'it piece" for me." Learn more about Sol-Era and follow their journey by visiting any of their social media pages (@solerabrand) or visiting their website I asked KD what the meaning of Sol Erais. She said, "The meaning? Sol is the Latin root for sun. Era is defined as a distinct period in history. I want my customers to feel as if they are looking forward to their most desired self and living out their Sol purpose in life."

I then asked why she wanted sunglasses as her main product. She stated, "I knew that I needed to build a brand with products that I would actually use and love and sunglasses was that product for me. I could've done some type of clothing brand but at the time I didn't really have the start-up capital for a brand like that. Sunglasses were a little easier to start up."

I now know you are all wondering when the official launch date happened with Sol Era. It's fine I am too. So KD started building the back-end stuff and sourcing product in May of 2019 and officially launched on June 9th of that same year.

KD chooses styles that 1) she like, 2) that are similar to what's popular and 3) and honestly most importantly what her customers will like.

What makes Sol Era different from the other brands?

There are a lot of sunglasses brands out there. Like a lot but KD only has run into one other brand that has a similar mission as hers. It makes Sol Era unique, her brand is more so a way for her to encourage people to focus on their vision and their Sol purpose in life. Sol Era is not just an eyewear brand they are a visual brand.

KD's top 3 favorites are The Botticelli's, The Libby Clarke's, and the shaded angel hoodie!! "Omg, that thing is soft!"

If you would like to engage with KD, she goes live on both her brand and personal Instagram pages. KD is very active on Twitter on both pages as well. As a wise man once said It goes down in the DMs! She tries to message every new follower and introduce herself. She has met some dope people by doing that! They're not necessarily customers but they are great supporters. Sometimes they just randomly send her encouragement and it's always on low days when she really needs it.

I asked KD when first starting Sol Era did you encounter any struggles? She said "Yes! So many! First being marketing, honestly something I still struggle with today. Lack of support from the closest people to me. Lack of funding when I first started, I went from having 3 jobs in May to having one and it was part-time in June so I didn't have much of anything to keep me going that summer for any type of ads or influencer marketing."

KD plans on expanding her brand. She is currently working now to grow and scale the brand through a couple of different avenues.

Are you interested in being one of Sol Era's Brand Ambassadors? She has a great team of Brand Ambassadors. If you want to inquire, you can go on the website and click on the Brand Ambassador tab at the top of the page!

A piece of advice KD gives everyone now is to create a roadmap. She lives by it now. You really do have to plan out at least 95% of your business before you start and then you need to do it. Step by step.

"To someone who is trying to start a business, a lot of people have ideas but what sets the doers apart from the sayers and thinkers is that they actually do."

You can find Sol Era online at See the world through our lenses! and on Facebook, IG, Twitter, and Pinterest it's @solerabrand

"Come see your world through our lenses!" - Sol Era

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