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Meet KaySlay Fitness

Kara Stephens is the founder/CEO of KaySlay Fitness. She has a passion for working out and has always been into fitness since she was younger. Kara decided to launch her fitness business in August 2018. Her business motto is “I want to make you, a better you.” Kara now posses a BS in Exercise Physiology and an AS In Physical Therapy Assistant. She is a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant and certified personal trainer.

KaySlay Fitness LLC is a fitness business that sells custom fitness & meal plans, as well as, custom fitness apparel such as leggings, athletic tops, and booty bands! That’s not all, KaySlay Fitness has expanded to now sell custom merchandise from hoodies to masks and even plates!

Starting a business is no joke! In order to be a business owner, you have your good days and your bad days. KaySlay Fitness is different from other businesses because Kara loves what she does. She loves making people not only look but feel good too. When Kara was first getting started she encountered struggles with finding clients to train and trust her with that she was helping them to be better. Now her end goal is to open her own gym with her own physical therapy in it.

From one business owner to the next, don’t give up, there will be hard days where you want to, but those good days will make up for it.

To someone who is trying to start a business, START! Don't worry about what any other person has to say! If you want to start a business do it!

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When shopping with KaySlay Fitness check out their two-piece workout sets, it's one of their best products!

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