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Meet Different Breeds Co.

Hey Sol Warriors!! I wanted to introduce a Black-Owned Business to you. Different Breeds Co. is a clothing brand. While networking and talking about our businesses on Clubhouse we ended up taking it off of Clubhouse and motivating each other and helping each other with our brands. When you wear Different Breeds Co., it makes you feel like your style is your style. It is different from the norms. When Different Breeds was created it was based on everything she represents and loves in one.

During my time of talking to the owner & CEO of Different Breeds Co., Iyanna, I was able to ask her the following questions:

What’s the name of your business?

  • The name of my business is called Different Breeds Co.

What type of business do you have?

  • I have a clothing brand

When did you start your business?

  • I started manifesting my business in 2017 then in 2020 I found all my resources then launch my business on August 22, 2020

What made you interested in making/selling your products?

  • I love clothing and I always had to have my own style but I started to realize there was nothing in the store that was standing out to me so I created something to stand out!

What makes your business different from the others?

  • My business is more people-oriented. I want my customers to see the grind and feel like they are a part of the brand and one day can create their own brand.

What is your favorite product?

  • My Born Different “Exclusive” Hoodies is my favorite product; it's my most creative design so far.

How do you interact with your customers/clients?

  • I have family interactions with my customers/clients. I have a business number for them. We joke, and laugh, they get to see my new design, and we discuss business all the time.

When first getting started did you encounter any struggles with your business?

  • I struggle with how to make sure my brand was treated like a professional business as in not allowing customers to order through DMs and making it known to place orders through the website. Of course, learning your finances is a challenge as well but it is easy to accomplish if you stay dedicated

Are you planning to expand your business?

  • Yes, I am planning on expanding my business. Clothes are just one part. I am planning to create a marketing firm that helps brands expand as well. I am also interested in building a business school.

Do you have brand ambassadors? If so, how can one become one for your business?

  • Yes, I do have Brand Ambassadors, You just have to show support and then tell me that you're interested and we choose them every time we hit a new follower goal.

From one business owner to the next, what is one piece of advice you would give to them?

  • To be patient, and to let your business grow on its own, always be prepared for growth and keep your skills sharpening.

What would you tell someone who is trying to start a business?

  • Do your own research first and watch the brands that you love and find the holes in their business that you can implement into your business and find your niche.

What are your website & social media outlets?

Is there anything else you would like for us to know?

  • “We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up totally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.”

If there is something that you like please go and shop with Different Breeds Co. Support your local and black-owned businesses. There is no reason as to why we cannot all eat when we have a lot of people who can benefit from us!

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