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New Beginnings While Finding YOU!

So recently I ran across a website on while on Facebook, and it was about healing journals. So after looking and looking and reading up on them I finally order one. My first order was for me and my best friend, Chelsea. The name of the journal is "cRowned." It is about loving yourself and being the person that you are destined to be. Then as time went on, one of my sisters started going through flashbacks of a traumatizing time in her life. That is when I made my second order, which is called "Renewed" a journal for healing from traumatic events in your life, one for her and one for myself again.

As I started to finally take the time out of my day to open the journal and read it, I broke down because I never knew how much pain I still felt about going through a miscarriage. I truly do not think it was the fact of going through it all but how my whole situation about it went. While just getting through the first three pages of the healing journal I broke down and cried I wasn't able to finish it the introduction questions. I wanted to stop and never think about what happened to me. I stopped going to counseling and if the subject does come up I say "Oh I'm good. It wasn't my time anyway." but in reality, on the inside, I am broken.

With these journals, I know that I will be able to cope with my situation and be able to live and learn through it all but I have to learn first how to forgive myself and Corbin for everything that has lead up to this.

Today I am on page 6 of my healing journal and page 2 of my self-love journal.

I highly recommend these journals to anyone who has trouble with loving themselves or been through so much pain that you cannot find the way out. You are not alone even if you feel as if you are. There is always someone who has gone through or even going through the same thing that you are now.

The website for the journals is

I love you and if you need a listening ear I am always one email way!

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