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Valentine's Day Ideas

As you all know Valentine's Day is in 10 days, on February 14. (in case you forgot or didn't know) Anyways since I do not have a Valentine this year I didn't create anything but I know some of you all have one and here are some ideas that you can do that is quick and thoughtful that doesn't require a lot of money!

For Him/Her :

1. 12 Open When Letters 2. Coupon Book 3. A jar of popsicle sticks with different dates and foods that you can do/try 4. A mixtape with all of your favorite songs that remind you of them 5. A Surprise date with an outfit laid out for them 6. Cook

Now if your girl is like me and doesn't like flowers nor candy this what you can do.

For Her:

1. Gift Cards to her favorite store 2. Cookies (chocolate chip but if that's not her fave then the ones in the shape of a heart) 3. Money Roses 4. Game Night (if she is competitive like me) 5. Dinner and a Movie

6. Comedy Club

Now if you want to get your man something for Valentine here's a few things that you can do.

For Him:

1. Issa Project (check out my blog on that one)

2. Candy Card 3. Beard Oil 4. A Deck of Cards and write 52 reasons why you love them 5. A Present for him every hour 6. Scavenger Hunt

Hopefully these ideas help you with planning your Valentine's Day!!

Please do tell me how it goes!


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