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Vulnerable AF!

Hey Sol Warriors! Guess who's back?

You guessed it! Your favorite blogger Kyy is back!

So a little update that happened while I was gone was ... I overcame one of my fears.

Healing is not linear and it's okay if you happen to go back and forth between two stages then that's okay.

Tarriona "Tank" Ball & Kyy Mosely

So I had the pleasure of meeting Tank from Tank and The Bangas Tuesday, June 8. She released her book Vulenarable AF and did a few pieces from it during the event.

Vulnerable AF

While I was here, I overcame one of the biggest fears that I have had since 2019. Which is going to a public event by myself after being sexually assaulted. Granted, my anxiety was high, but I made it through and was even the first person to be there.

Since I was the first person to be there Tank came up to me and spoke to me and

shook my hand. I had a whole fan girl moment but I kept it cool. Shoutout to wearing masks!

Meeting Tarriona was an amazing experience. She is truly such a beautiful soul. Her music and poems resonate with me more now than ever because I felt them more when she was saying them in person.

You know music can make you feel many things, but hearing it live makes you feel everything that the artist was going through.

Being able to experience this brought me so much more peace knowing that I am slowly getting back to how I was before I experienced the trauma. I was excited to say that I did it and I did it by myself. I was able to do everything that was offered to me as well as experiencing something that I wanted to do for me. Being able to do this brought me to a place now where I can feel as if I can take on any and everything without having fear sitting on my shoulder.

Being vulnerable is a different feeling. Once you choose to open up you will start to see things differently and you will be able to do a lot more because you won't feel as if you are being judged. Go ahead and take that first step that you need to to be able to get you one step closer to your goal.

So if there is something you want to do then I suggest you do it. You only live once and you should be able to live your life regardless of your past traumas and fears. So whatever little step you have accomplished reward yourself for it because you deserve to be happy as well as being there for yourself when you need you the most.

Although I did this because I wanted to support Tank, I want to thank her as well. I know was apprehensive when I met you, but my love, you truly brought me back to the person I was a long time ago. I thank you for that. Thank you for allowing me to open my door and receive the type of love you gave me.

You can grab a copy of Vulnerable AF here.

When you start to read Vulnerable AF actaully read the words. Be in tune with them. They tell a story. It might not be your story but it's hers. Become one with Tank and understand her hurt and pain. She is brave to put her feelings out there to share with the world. This is a great read and if you ever have the chance to meet her in person then I highly suggest that you do it. You will fall in love with her and her music.

You can check out her tour dates here.

As always you can reach out to me on IG @apprhenlife or you can text me at (225)341-1672.

Here is a little snip-it of Tank's performance, you should've been there for the whole thing but you never know she may be coming to your town during her book tour.

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