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Goodbye 2023 Hello 2024

Hi Sol Warr;ors! It has been a long, trying, and rocky 2023! From being in a car accident and not being able to walk for a month and a half. To being threatened with losing my job because of the accident, to receiving a new position at my job. Then finding out I was THREE months pregnant.

While working nonstop and being pregnant, it put a toll on me. My depression kicked in full blast and I was trying to hold everything together. As we all know we can only continue to fake it until we make it for so long until we break. Well, I broke multiple times. I thought that being pregnant was supposed to be the happiest time. For me, it was the complete opposite.

During my pregnancy, I lost friends, myself, and hope. Never did I want to be pregnant but I accepted the fact that I was and did everything that I could to make sure I stayed semi-healthy. My pregnancy was the hardest thing that I endured this year. I was emotionally alone. The only thing I got out of my pregnancy was a stronger relationship with my mom.

Knowing that you are creating and growing a human inside of you, changes you. It brings a lot of different emotions. You tend to lose yourself when you're pregnant because the things you usually do you cannot do anymore. I felt as if I wasn't seen anymore. I didn't feel like myself. I was being treated as if I couldn't do anything alone. You know how you are scared to break glassware? Well, that's how I was being treated. On top of that, my job had me working with no lunches, in 100-degree weather, 10+ hour days, nonstop.

So, no my pregnancy wasn't all glitz and glam. It brought more stress to me than anything. Watching everyone else's pregnancy journey look like they had it altogether broke me in a way I never knew it could. I always imagined my pregnancy would be smooth and peaceful. I would be showered with love and know in my head that this was what I wanted, but it wasn't. I didn't want to be pregnant but I accepted it. I knew I wasn't ready for a baby but here I am with one.

But enough of my recap of 2023, it is now 2024! It's a new year but the same me just with lessons learned. This year I am walking into it with a clear mind. I am standing strong on my boundaries and not accepting anything less. If it doesn't align with my path I do not want it around me. This year, I am expanding my brand, doing more informational and motivational talks on live, getting closer with God, and improving my health with more healthier foods and working out. I also want to host my first event or even partner with a brand to work with. I want to start my podcast again and read at least one book a month.

What are some of your new year goals? Leave a comment below and let me know.

As always Sol Warr;ors you can reach me by DM on Instagram @apprehenlife or by email at

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