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Transformation Thursday

Hey Sol Warrior! How are you today?

This week's topic is "Starting Fresh".

Today's topic is "Putting Your Goals into Motion".

Yesterday we touched on you being able to follow your heart and your desires. You being able to do those things that you have always wanted to do but are too scared to do because of what others may think. Well, let me be the first person to tell you that it does not matter what others think of your ideas nor the fact that they do not support you. These are YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR aspirations. Nobody can stop you but you. Reach out to others that will be able to help you. Stop looking for your friends and family to support you because they are not your target audience. Your target audience is the people that you haven't even met. Your story is the story that is going to help tens of thousands of people. Do you know why? Because someone out there believes that nobody knows what they are going through and suffers alone when in actuality you do! So STOP being lazy and STOP procrastinating, GET UP AND GO DO IT! If you do not do it for yourself do it for the fact that you will be helping another person who wants to give up.

And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.― Meister Eckhart

As always if you would like to reach out to me you can by email at, by text at (225)341-1672, or by DM on Instagram/Twitter at apprehenlife.

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