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30 Questions of Truth Vol. 2

​Hey guys!! So I am going to do another 30 Questions of Truth. My last one was done over a year ago. The difference between this one and that one is I am going to answer these in dept and allow y'all to see the way that my brain works. Please be free to ask yourself these same exact questions as well.

1. How do you feel today?

  • Eh, today is one of those where I am just going through the motions and try to keep my emotions under wrap instead of crying all day nonstop.

2. What’s your goal for next week?

  • Honestly, I don’t have a goal for next week. So if I have to make one I would say to get to my 8 AM on time both days.

3. How was your week?

  • My week was a pretty okay week, until yesterday, but overall it was okay.

4. One of your strengths is…

  • I’m not sure if leadership is a strength but if it’s not then I would say, my ability to adapt to any situation.

5. One behavior you need to let go.

  • I don’t have a behavior I need to let go but I can let go of my smart mouth. Even though people deserve it 24/7.

6. Something you learned this week.