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Are You Toxic?

Do you believe that you are a toxic person? Most people do not think so, for many various reasons. A toxic person is someone who doesn't like to admit that they are wrong, who is judgmental, makes you prove yourself to them, they are manipulative and very inconsistent. The biggest one is that they aren't supportive of the things in your life that makes you happy and brings you joy!

Before I started doing research on this I use to think that I was a very toxic person and believed that I was the reason why my relationships with others never worked out. But in actuality, it wasn't always me. Yes, I have toxic traits. For example, I am the type who ABSOLUTELY LOVES to argue whether it brings negativity or positivity into my life. This is a good and a bad thing because I am quick to react to something instead of thinking it through and I go from 0-100 in less than .5 seconds. I would tell y'all that I am working on it but that would be a lie because I am not and will not until I feel the need to do so.

I am aware of my toxic traits and once I see/feel them coming out I tell myself "Hey Kyy chill out because you starting to leak the toxicants". On the Toxic or Nourishment Scale, I am 70 out of 100. I don't know what it means fully but according to my score, I am a little over half meaning that I am not 100% toxic and I uplift more than put down.

Not everyone is toxic but everyone has toxic traits, some of those traits take over and start to make things a lot worse than what things need to be. Some act the way they do because that was how they were brought up. It is 2019, everyone learns differently, and everyone needs a different type of support. So just because it works for you doesn't mean that it works for someone else. Be a positive light to someone, not someone who only likes to see yourself succeed.

Personally, I consider you as a friend IF I am eating then you will eat too! Regardless, I won't let anybody close to me fall especially if I am on top!

Here are some links that I found helpful to help know whether or not you are toxic or if someone around you is toxic:

If you want to take the test to see where you land on the Toxic or Nourishment Scale here's the link for that as well:

Also here's my blog on toxic relationships as well because you might be in a toxic relationship if you are surrounded by toxic people:

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