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My Inspiration to Blog

So it took me a while to figure out who or what was my inspiration to my blog. Which is why it's been sitting in my drafts for over a year now. I finally realized that I am the inspiration to my blog. It took me until now to realize that because I always felt as if any relationship, whether it would be a friendship or I am dating someone, that I encounter and we got into an argument then it was my fault. I always felt attacked when I tried to tell my side of the situation. So when I felt like I wasn't being heard or my point wasn't coming across I then started to write about how it made me feel. Then I took to a bigger platform which is now my blog. Apprehensive isn't just for me but you as well. I write to tell my story in hopes that it will touch AT LEAST one person. If I can be able to touch one person then I am okay and I will continue to keep going 10x as hard.

I HATE feeling as if I am alone and I do not want others to feel the same way