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My Inspiration to Blog

So it took me a while to figure out who or what was my inspiration to my blog. Which is why it's been sitting in my drafts for over a year now. I finally realized that I am the inspiration to my blog. It took me until now to realize that because I always felt as if any relationship, whether it would be a friendship or I am dating someone, that I encounter and we got into an argument then it was my fault. I always felt attacked when I tried to tell my side of the situation. So when I felt like I wasn't being heard or my point wasn't coming across I then started to write about how it made me feel. Then I took to a bigger platform which is now my blog. Apprehensive isn't just for me but you as well. I write to tell my story in hopes that it will touch AT LEAST one person. If I can be able to touch one person then I am okay and I will continue to keep going 10x as hard.

I HATE feeling as if I am alone and I do not want others to feel the same way. So if I am your outlet then pleaseeee tell me what I can do, that will help you. We all go through things some may be worst than others but yours is worst to you. DO NOT allow people to tell you otherwise. If you want/need someone to lean on, find that person! If you have no one or feel as if you don't have anyone email/DM me and say "Kyy I need help." Use me as your outlet, just how I use my blog as my outlet.

So thank you for being a subscriber because without you I do not think that I would've made it thus far with my blog.

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