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What I Do to Recharge

So what does Kyy do to recharge? I do a number of things. Such as:

  1. Take a social media break

  2. Reflect on EVERYTHING that has happened in last month or so

  3. Arts & Crafts

  4. Read a book

  5. Go shopping

  6. Get my nails done

  7. Write

  8. Workout

  9. Turn my phone off

  10. Pray

Those are just a few of the things that I do. The most recent one that I did was take a social media break, reflect, and turn my phone off. I did this for 7 days this last week. I wanted to last until February 5, but I accomplished so much in those 7 days that I decided that I didn't have to do the whole 2 month cleanse. It takes a lot on someone who feels as if they carry the whole team and them some on their back so a cleanse is a MUST for everyone. You have to recharge and disconnect and find you again.

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