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Day 19 out of 22

So, it is twenty minutes before Day 19 hits and I am currently sitting in my neo's dorm typing this post. I am emotionally unstable, and it is once again my fault for why I am like this. I decided to text Corbin because I saw him post something on Facebook that made me want to do a quality check. Well, that "quality check" didn't end up quite well. I just asked him was he okay and whatnot and he said that he was, and he asked me how I was. So instead of giving the generic "Oh I'm fine you know just tired of school," I gave him the breakdown of emotionally I am unstable physically I'm fine mentally barely making it. So, he proceeds to say, "What's going on like that?" ... I stopped and paused and realized that the person that I cared for, loved deeply, defended regardless of if he was right or wrong, failed to realize or care that he is the reason why I am going through this. That he is the reason why I am stuck on medication because I couldn't talk about this a year ago with somebody who understood and cared to listen. The fact that I was in a depression for 5 months and when I thought that I was finally over it, it came back like it never left.