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Life as an Orientation Leader

During this summer, I was extremely busy. Being an OL, orientation leader. To be honest I did not want to be an OL. The only reason, and I mean ONLY reason why I applied is because a handful of people told me that I should do it. So, being that I have a hard time telling people know when it comes to campus activities, I did it. I went through the interview process and everything and then being Kyy I forgot to go pick up my last envelope. I got it literally 30 minutes before I could not get it. Sounds like Kyy right. So when I got it, it said I had another interview me being me I was like “Bruh nah I not ready for this my outfit not interview ready I’m not going to go.” Well I lived across the street from my university so changing clothes wasn’t the issue. I changed clothes and went to the “interview”. Now granted I am very anti-social and I’m an introvert. I am looking around the room like “yeah this a lot of people, if I don’t make it then oh well can’t say that I didn’t try”. So we had to do this activity and I was with Karli M. and they brought us this room. Little did we know what we was walking into….at that moment we were Orientation Leaders!!