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Let Me Brag A Minute

This year has been a bumpy one but through it all, I overcame a lot of things. I realized that to be able to become a better a person I need to seek help and go to counseling. I have attended over 50 counseling meetings, since May. Doing that helped me a lot through everything that has happened. I was able to process my relationship, become more open about my life, learning how to love myself, and much more. Even though I didn't end this semester with the GPA that I wanted, I did end this year with a new title and a lot of obstacles that I have overcome. With dealing with a miscarriage, finding out that I have depression and anxiety, in between jobs, AND becoming a 2018 Orientation Leader for my university. I have achieved more things than I ever thought I would have. Looking back to January, I kept everything. I wouldn't talk about my feelings to anyone. If there was a problem and I thought it wasn't big enough to talk about it I just left it where it was. Now as we are ending December, I have told the whole world about my miscarriage, I am able to talk about my feelings and able to love myself and have fun in the process. I learned a lot from myself to be able to come into a new team and trust 31 people off the back.

2018 is my year to continue to show progress and have a lot more great memories to make! Regardless of what is to come, I am ready to take it on and be able to learn from those lessons as well as take the lessons I learned at the end of this year and use them for the next!