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Meet My Best Friends

Meet the Live5. The ones who I have known for the longest. I have known all them for at least 5 years or more. Whenever there is a problem going on I know who to count on. I love these guys so much that I would still check they girlfriends/boyfriends over them and fight for them! Anyways lets get started!


First up Chelsea :

I met Chels my sophomore year, in high school. She was on the colorguard and I was trying out. Her twin and herself was teaching me how to do a blue devil and I wasn't catching on, for anything. Chels and I didn't start off as being best friends we actually became best friends a year after we met. Chelsea graduated SHS. Her first year in college, I stayed on her about her grades but she didn't care. She was hard-headed, and still is. If there is any type of issue or problem I swear Chels would be the first one to come out here and be the reasonable talker while trying to calm me down in the process. She may not answer the phone or my text, I wouldn't trade her in for nothing in the world! We been through the most but I knew at my FIRST birthday dinner when I had to get on her to order her food, I knew we was going to be the best of friends. I love my best friend!


Next Up Ty Dolla$ :

Tyler and I have been through the most during high school. I couldn't be friends with him without some female getting hella jealous over us talking or hanging out. I met Ty because he use to always write on my desk in biology class. One day he wrote his twitter name on it, "TYRANDOMGUY". So, I followed him and mentioned him. We was talking ever since then but we still never met in person. Then one day we decided we as going to meet up at lunch and I had this colorful ass backpack and that's when Ty was like "Damn your backpack really is colorful" Ever since then we been friends and to this day we still going strong!


Next Up Chowdaa :

Chow and I have been friends since high school too. We met during my freshmen year because of my friends wanted to talk to him. So being the person that I am, I just walked up to him and was like my friend like you and want your number. While ended being the middle, Chow and I ended up becoming friends. If there was anything wrong I went to him if I just wanted to sit in silence he was there. To this day even though we don't talk as much if there is a problem, he is always there! I would never let him go through anything alone if I know about it.


Next Up Ire'al:

Irie and myself officially met the end of my junior year, in high school. I knew of her because Erin and herself came to the band room one day during 7th hour practice and had a question about colorguard. So, once she came to tryouts being the vet that I was, I helped everyone who needed it. I was DETERMINED to get Irie on the team because I saw the potential in her, like Chelsea saw in me when I first tried out for guard too. Anyways fast forward Irie made the team. We became hella close! We use to cut up at the games and outside of school! We balanced each other out and still do. Even though we don't talk as much because she's out here saving our country. She will FOREVER be my best friend!


Next Up Mike:

Hahaha if y'all only knew how much I didn't like Mike, when I met him my senior year. He walked into Erin house and I wanted to fight him! But something happened one day on twitter, about two weeks after I met him. We instantly clicked! As much as we both didn't like one another we knew that since we ran in the same circle, we had each other backs! That's why I have so much respect and love for him because I was mean, rude, loud, etc back then. The fact that he was able to put aside what our first encounter was and help me that's mad love! Like to this day I can call Mike and he would be there for me and listen give me advice and tell me what I should and shouldn't do. That's what I call a best friend!


These are my best friends I love them all the same and I swear I would go crazy if I didn't have them in my life! Not only did they help me grow but they have been there for me during the most toughest times in my life! In each of them I see why God brought us together because we really grew up together. We might have met in our preteens/teens but we have matured into the young adults that we are now. As much as I wish I could see y'all everyday like the old days I know our lives are busy. I am EXTREMELY proud of you all. I know don't say that enough but I am glad to call y'all MY best friends! I love you guys! Thanks for always being there for me!

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