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Wellness Wednesday

Hey Sol Warriors! How are you today?

This week's topic is Seasonal Depression.

As you all know Wednesdays are all about you! So what has been up?

Can you keep a secret? *whispers* I have something exciting coming out for you!! Anyways I haven't spoken to you in a while, what has been going on with you? Are you handling your mental health well? Are you having a tough time? Hey, it's okay if you are I am not a licensed professional but I am here to help you in any way possible that I can.

“The advice I’d give to somebody that’s silently struggling is, you don’t have to live that way. You don’t have to struggle in silence. You can be un-silent. You can live well with a mental health condition, as long as you open up to somebody about it, because it’s really important you share your experience with people so that you can get the help that you need.” — Demi Lovato

As always if you want to reach out to me you can do so by email at, by text at (225)341-1672, and by DM on Instagram and Twitter at @apprehenlife.

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