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Transformation Thursday

Good morning, afternoon, and/or evening Sol Warrior!!

Happy Thursday!! Our work week is almost over!

Today's topic is "Figuring Out Your Likes". So we are going to piggyback off of Tuesday's post because the questions from that post will help you find the answer to this. We tend to stay in a lot of comfortable situations because that's our norm. We don't like to venture out because we are afraid of the unknown and don't want to be judged.

“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.” Wanda Sykes

So I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

  • What are the things that you want to do but are scared to do?

  • What are your passions and hobbies?

Take me for example, I am an introvert. Two things that I want to do, but too scared to do is start my own business and a podcast. My passion is helping others, to make sure that everyone is okay. I will do almost anything to make someone laugh but I am only like that in person and around people I am comfortable around. If you were to put me in a room with people that I don't know I wouldn't even talk to them. I would sit in the far back or the way in the front to not talk to anyone.

I am trying new things like talking to strangers, being able to do things by myself and making new friends at work and outside of work. I want to figure out what I like and don't like because even though our likes change I want to be able to say I did xyz before and I liked/didn't like it.

So go out and figure out what it is that you like!

As always if you will like to reach out and contact me you can text me at (225) 341-1672, email me at, or DM me on Instagram/Twitter @KYYllinEm.

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