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Tip Tuesday

Hey Sol Warriors! Happy Tuesday!!

How are you today?

This week's topic is "Friendships".

Today's topic is "How to be a Friend"

We are all quick to say that someone isn't a friend to us but yet we don't do the same to ourselves. We always look at it as being one sided and not two sided. It is always a "you treated me xyz" but why don't we look at it from their point of view as well? A story is never one sided but three. The three sides to a story is your side, the other person's side and then the truth. We have to understand that just because we didn't take it like that doesn't mean that they did. I seen a tweet on Twitter that said "You have to start treating your friendships like relationships" that is so true. You would take back the person who did you wrong in relationship so many times but soon as your friend messes up you are quick to leave them. Why is that? Why is that we can forgive the person that we are sleeping with but not the person who has known us our whole life pretty much?

We have to stop looking at everything from our perspective and look at it from the whole picture.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

Here are some tips that you can do to be a friend to someone:

  • Check in on them. Ask about their mental health.

  • Listen to them.

  • Show up when they need you.

  • Visit them and spend time with them.

  • Be honest with them.

  • Help them grow as you are growing too.

  • Love them for them and not what they can do for you.

  • Respect and understand their boundaries

  • Show them that you care.

As always if you would like to reach out to me you can by email at, by text at (225)341-1672, or by DM on Instagram/Twitter at @apprehenlife.

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1 Comment

MalachiYAH Yisrael
MalachiYAH Yisrael
Oct 13, 2020

Truth has been told. I have a friend from my childhood who is more than just a friend, he’s not my biological brother. Instead he’s the brother that my only one biological has never been. We have always had each other’s back from childhood until this very day. So I purposely love, respect my brother and iron sharpens iron. May everyone’s day be blessed

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