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Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Sol Warriors!!

Today's topic is "Being Kind to Others"

As we all know in the world today we have a lot of negative things happening to us. Whether it's the Black Lives Matter Movement, police brutality, transgender people dying, or even just our own personal life. Right now we all need a BREAK! But we still have to be kind to others. Regardless of how one may treat you, you have to understand that you can't control how others treat you but you can control how YOU treat others. My momma always told me to "Treat people how YOU want to be treated." Now I am not saying that you won't have some bad days but even if you are you still have to remember that the bad days won't last forever.

Now what truly messed me over was the fact that I was having this same conversation about a month or two ago and someone told me "Why not treat people how they tell you to treat them"? Now at first, I was confused because what if that person wanted you to treat them as an asshole or a bitch? I am not going to treat you like that because that is NOT how I want to be treated. I do believe that if you have certain boundaries then yes respect that but you know that you are different from that then y'all need to come to common ground because how is it fair that you are willing to change but they are not? That is why you should ALWAYS be kind to others, no matter how your day might be going, make at least one person's day by just smiling at them or holding the door open for them. You never know how something so small can make the next person's day.

"Kindness is making someone smile if only for a moment." RAKtivist.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and as always you can reach out to me by text at (225) 341-1672, email at, and through DMs on Instagram/Twitter @KYYllinEm.

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