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Tip Tuesday

Good morning, afternoon, and/or evening Sol Warrior!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Today's tips are on "Handling Grief".

We have all lost someone or something that meant the world to us. Grief can look like a number of things, ie. a miscarriage, divorce, lost of a loved one/ pet, loss of a job, et cetera. But have you processed those emotions? Are you able to understand that what you are feeling is normal?

"Denial helps us to pace our feelings of grief. There is a grace in denial. It is nature's way of letting in only as much as we can handle." ―Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Here are some tips that will help your grieving process:

Understanding that there are 5 stages of grief, which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Some ways you can lessen the pain is by:

  • meditation

  • talking about it

  • writing about it

  • supporting yourself emotionally and physically

  • working out

As always if you will like to reach out and contact me you can text me at (225) 341-1672, email me at, or DM me on Instagram/Twitter @KYYllinEm

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