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Motivational Monday

Hey Sol Warriors! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

This week's topic is Friendship.

Today's topic is "Types of Friends"

When it comes being a friend, there are a lot of factors that goes into it. Honestly, I like to think that there are 3 types of friends.

The first friend is like your associate. You have class or work with them and y'all talk there but don't really hang out outside of that. Then you have your close friends. You tell each other a little bit about your personal life and y'all hangout every so often. Finally, you have a best friend. Now your best friend is the one who knows you from thick and thin they know when something up and everything. They notice your mood swings before you notice it and all. Your best friend isn't someone you talk to daily or even weekly but they are there for you when you need them the most.

Maya Angelou once said, “Friendship takes work. Finding friends, nurturing friendships, scheduling face time, it all take a tremendous amount of work. But it’s worth it. If you put in the effort, you’ll see the rewards of positive friends who will make your life extraordinary.”

We all can name someone who fits in each category. Some times we get associates who move up to being a best friend, it all depends on how you are with that relationship. So I want you to evaluate your friends and see which category they need to be under. Remember not everyone deserves access to you.

As always if you would like to reach out to me you can by email at, by text at (225)341-1672, or by DM on instagram and/or Twitter @apprehenlife.

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