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Motivational Monday

Good morning, afternoon, and/or evening Sol Warriors!!

Happy Monday!! How was your weekend?!

Today's topic is about "Being Heard".

On Thursday we talked about "Finding Your Voice" and I wanted to piggyback off of that today because once you find your voice you have to learn how to be heard. Being heard is the hardest part. You can go around and say a lot but nobody may be listening to you. You have to know the signs of an active listener and if someone is actually listening to you. I know for me I watch body language and facial expressions. I learned from one of my classes that if you pay attention to the person's eyes it will tell you if you are being heard or not. If someone is asking follow-up questions then they are listening. If you see a head nod or hear an "mhm" they are listening but once you notice all of that then you will be able to know you are being heard. But be sure that some times some people are just nodding and "mhming" just to be polite and they aren't really listening. So to make sure that they are you can always say, "what was the last thing I said, I lost my train of thought."

“Sometimes we just need to be heard… There are times in life when being heard leads to being healed.”―Steve Maraboli

Here's a video to help you become an active listener and to understand if the person you are talking to is active listening to you.

As always if you will like to reach out and contact me you can text me at (225) 341-1672, email me at, or DM me on Instagram/Twitter @KYYllinEm

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