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January 2020

Hey, so as you know I took the month of January off of social media and I didn't eat meat during this month either.

So what did I do all month? Crazy I actually found myself. I started listening to podcasts instead of music. I started eating healthier and tried new food. I hung out with my friends more. I grew more connections. I also had a support group of 20 people and we keep each other motivated and was able to use that as our social media because we all got bored at times. I also was able to do what my counselor was telling me to do and if you know me I don't listen. But since I didn't have anything else to occupy my mind and free time I was able to dig deeper and figure out things about myself that I didn't know.

I also rebranded the hell out of my blog. If you haven't noticed you can now comment below on the post. You can text me. I have daily blog post. I have also made any social media site you can think of for my blog as well. So go like us on Facebook at Apprehensive | Lifestyle Blog, follow us on Instagram at @apprehensive_co and on twitter at @apprehensive_co.

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