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Is Your Manipura Blocked?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Hey Sol Warriors! How are you doing today?

This week's chakra is the Solar Plexus. It is located from the navel to the ribcage. It is responsible for all things metabolic, digestive, and stomach-related. It is associated with fire and the color yellow.

Now before we go in deep about the Solar Plexus, I want you to say this affirmation, "I am confident and I stand in my power."

The Solar Plexus is known to be the source for your personal power, confidence, assertiveness, and willpower.

When balanced you feel the following:

  • Responsible and reliable

  • Healthy self-esteem

  • Spontaneity

  • Playfulness

  • Sense of humor

  • Able to make decisions and meet challenges

  • Warmth in personality

When blocked you may feel the following: