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Is Counseling Necessary?

Growing up, with black parents, we always heard counseling is for whites, you don't need to talk to anybody about your problems, just pray about it and God will handle it, and a lot more. BUT counseling is necessary for everyone, no matter your race, religion, et cetera. We tend to say we don't like telling our business to others but yet we post it on social media for the world to know about. Then we get upset, when others comment and question us about why we posted that. You rather put your life out there for the world but not seek help and get an unbiased answer about why you act the way you do.

"Counseling for me was necessary because it allowed a person who was non-biased about the person I am the space for me to express my feelings. Often I’m the friend that is strong or ppl see as emotion-less so when it comes to issues in my life I’m seldom given the opportunity to react emotionally like others who wear their hearts on their sleeves. In my first counseling session, I cried the entire time because I really never feel like I have a space to cry."

So I went to my followers on Twitter and asked the following questions: