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Fantastic Friday

Good morning, afternoon, and/or evening Sol Warriors!!

Happy Friday!!

Today's topic is going to piggyback off of's yesterday's topic, which is "Understanding Your Boundaries". The reason why we need to understand our boundaries is that we need to be able to have a safe place for us. We cannot keep helping others when we do not help ourselves. We have to know when to say, "No, I am not available to do this today". Once we understand our boundaries we will be able to understand ourselves more.

"Boundaries are part of self-care. They are healthy, normal and necessary."― Doreen Virtue

I hope you have a fun-filled weekend! I'll be back on Monday with your Motivational Monday!

As always if you will like to reach out and contact me you can text me at (225) 341-1672, email me at, or DM me on Instagram/Twitter @KYYllinEm

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