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Cheers to New Beginnings

Well hello, there Sol Warriors! How has it been? What has been going on?

Chileee listen, well-read because I am typing this lol. Let's start you back in July. Now some of these things you might know and others you might not but fasten your seat belts because this is about to be a crazy ride!

So Fourth of July weekend, my family and I went to Mississippi to go see our family out there. Well on the Fourth of July everyone in my family lives changed. We had just found out that our backbone has passed away. Brenda Joyce Henderson was no longer here with us. My grandma was no longer in pain, and though her pain was gone my pain was still here. I had to understand that when my grandma told me "Kaia you have to be strong for you now because I can't be strong for the both us anymore", that she was serious. Everything that I ran to my grandma for I couldn't do it again. I lost my best friend and to this day it still hurts because I cannot pick up the phone and call her and run it to her about my day.

So that following Monday I went to work. Acted as if nothing was wrong just was there doing my job. Told my HR that I needed the rest of the week off and she told me no. So regardless of her decision I still took off because that is my grandma, right? So, let me make you laugh. I told the HR manager that my grandma has died and that I need Tues-Friday off. This lady told me "Do you have to go to your grandma's funeral". Y'all everything in me told me to slap the piss out that lady but instead I just walked away. So, I went to work Tuesday for a half-day and left.

So as you all know I am very big on mental health, mental awareness, self-love, self-worth, etc. It took everything in me not to just stop showing up to work, the following week. Because listen to that job didn't see me until the week after because one thing about Kyy is. She is going to grandma's funeral. Fire me. I just lost my best friend, I don't care!

A week later and I start to notice that my neighbor is being creepy. So, I stayed by myself in a town that I had to make friends in that town and feel safe in that town. It took me four to five months to feel safe in my own space. So, to have my neighbor stalk me brought back a lot of unwanted emotions. I started having flashbacks of my sexual assault. I could not sleep in the dark anymore. I was afraid to go into my apartment by myself everything!

My mom had moved most of my stuff out of my apartment I paid August rent and was moving out before the 31st. I had my friend Sierra stay with me the whole month of August. With her being there I was able to relax slightly but not how I was before my neighbor started watching me.

Now on top of my grandma dying, being stalked by my neighbor, having to move out of my apartment, my job was stressing me out. Just in February, I had got sent to HR for bullshit and the lady I was working under for whatever reason was out to get me. Now listen if you know me you know I can handle a lot of things but being bullied at a job from October 2019 to Aug 28, 2020, is not my cup of tea. I was completely over it. I only was there to pay my bills and that is it. During my last week of work, the lady I was working under was slandering my name. Now mind you every time someone asked me why we fell out I always said it personal and that was it. But for her to go around the office and start talking about was a whole different story. I started to blackout at work and everything. On my last day, I woke up two hours before I needed to and was listening to my gospel music. I felt great there was nothing that anyone could tell me that would ruin my day. Everyone who walked in my pod I hit them with “Whoooaaaa wazzam it's my last day!! And it’s Friday so wassup?”

I realized that all the bullshit that I encountered at that job I was leaving at that job. I told myself that whatever God has planned for me I am ready for it. Starting in June, I have been putting my faith in God a lot more. Now that I have let me brag a little bit.

I was not even a week unemployed when I had received a phone call about a job. On Thursday, I got the job. The job is in my field and I make more money than I was when I worked in the hospital. I am here to tell you my testimony and this was it.

Don’t give up on yourself. Be the person you are meant to be. If you feel like things could be better in your life then go get that better. Do not allow others to tell you how to live your life. You are living for you and not anyone else.

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