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Cheers to New Beginnings

Well hello, there Sol Warriors! How has it been? What has been going on?

Chileee listen, well-read because I am typing this lol. Let's start you back in July. Now some of these things you might know and others you might not but fasten your seat belts because this is about to be a crazy ride!

So Fourth of July weekend, my family and I went to Mississippi to go see our family out there. Well on the Fourth of July everyone in my family lives changed. We had just found out that our backbone has passed away. Brenda Joyce Henderson was no longer here with us. My grandma was no longer in pain, and though her pain was gone my pain was still here. I had to understand that when my grandma told me "Kaia you have to be strong for you now because I can't be strong for the both us anymore", that she was serious. Everything that I ran to my grandma for I couldn't do it again. I lost my best friend and to this day it still hurts because I cannot pick up the phone and call her and run it to her about my day.