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Born Tired

Hey there Sol Warriors! As you all know I took a break from blogging because I was trying to regroup and get out of my depressive episode that I am still currently in but nonetheless I wanted to do something different with this blog piece. I wanted to take this song called Born Tired by Jhene Aiko and break it down to y'all to what it means to me. So backstory, I was chilling one night and this song started playing and I was just signing the lyrics and then I started actually listening to the lyrics and started crying. So here we go..

"Three deep breaths Ten steps backwards Going backwards Now I'm switchin' lanes

Tire marks On my heart It don't beat the same, no"

When Jhene said this I took it as, I am going through yet another depressive episode. My emotions have gotten be back to square one and I thought I was doing better but obviously I wasn't. Now I am trying to shake back but I cannot. I am stuck.

"Rest your weary heart Dry your teary eyes I know you are scarred And torn apart inside, ah Darlin', so am I, okay"

When Jhene said this I took it as it's okay not to be okay. I understand that you are going through it right now but you need to rest because your time is still coming so just breathe and dry your eyes. Everything is going to be okay.

"'Cause, baby, I was born tired Getting more tired As time passes me by, yeah I'ma need more fire Way, way more fire So pass that thing my way, ay"

So when she said this it made me realize that we all need that person or persons in our back corner pushing us to fight the fight that we are battling with ourselves.

"It's been a long night Long life, long time fighting Let out a long sigh Alright, why am I trying? 'Cause look at how far you have come And look at all that you have going Look at who have become Baby, you gotta keep going"

When Jhene said this I took it as I am letting the battle get the best of me and I am ready to give up but the little voice in my head is saying but look how far you have come. You have overcome so much to just give up on life now so don't quit now. Just keep going.

Towards the end of the song she goes to say:

Ay, I'm tired, but I'm fired up Tired, but I'm fired up Tired, but I'm fired up Tired, but I'm fired up"

I took this as I know that I want to give up but if I give myself the energy that I need will overcome this episode. I will become someone better than the person I was yesterday! I will be Unstoppable because the fire that is inside of me is showing through the tears that are falling on my face.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!! As always I am always here for you! Don't ever think you cannot reach out to me regardless of the situation!

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