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Happy New Year

Hey guys, yes I am still alive. Yes, I know my blog has been offline for quite sometime now, I know. I haven't been in the right head or mind space to blog. My life has been a little dark lately and as much as much as I would love to say "I can see the light" I cannot. I am merely making it on faith, my support system, and my counseling sessions.

Honestly, the only reason why I relaunched my blog back up is because of one person. They seen that I haven't blogged, talked about a blog, etc since we met. I don't know why I am even here trying to type this post, but I am here now and this is going to be the start of something new. This year I plan on being extremely selfish and cautious with my time, my love, and most importantly myself. I know I over extend myself a lot, whether it is listening to others talk about their problems or living my house to go and run to somebody about their issues and try to fix it for them. This year I will not do that as much. I will learn how to say "no", how to say "I cannot help you today because I am not 100% in my head". With doing that it will also help me heal from my trauma that I have experienced in 2019. 2019 was hell of a fucking ride if you ask me but I made it to 2020 and I am trying to have a better look on life.

But anywho enough about me. How have you been? What have you done since the last time we talked? How's life? What are your plans/goals for the New Year? How do you plan on making 2020 better than 2019? Tell me I would love to know!! I am currently off social media until February so email me at If there is any way I can help you then I am all for it. I hope this year is all you ever prayed, wished, and more for you!

I love you and lets kick some ass in 2020 y'all! (Not literally I do not condone violence lol)

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