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Let's Talk Situationships!

Situationships is something that we all experience in life whether we know it or not. We tend to think that if we do xyz that we are able to make a relationship out of something that was never discussed. So my Soror, Dr. LaKesha Thomas, and I are here to tell you about situationships.

Situationships seem to be rapidly replacing conventional relationships. This new trend seems to allow people the perks of being in a relationship (sex, companionship, etc) without the title or the commitment. Whether we know it or not, all of us have probably found ourselves in a situationship at some point even if we weren’t looking for one. We often end up in situationships because of lack of communication or because we are being sent mixed signals. Most people find themselves in a situationship before they have the “relationship talk” with the person they’re seeing. It’s almost like you can call them your boyfriend or girlfriend, but not quite yet.