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Meet the Owner of Conscious Effort.

Hey guys it's me again with another black business owner. Skoot and I are from the same hometown, you that Dirty Dirty lmao, and he is one of my good friends who pushes me to start my own business soon. So I interviewed him about his business Conscious Effort. So be sure to check him out and click the links at the end of this blog.


Hi my name is Deonte Cooper, most people call me Skoot or Skoota. I’m from Lincoln Park in Slidell, Louisiana. I am 24 years old. I am very thankful and grateful for Kyy to allow me to share my business with her followers. If you need anything from CE please be sure to hit me up.

Name of Business

  • Conscious Effort

When did your business start?

  • The beginning of November 2018

How old are you?

  • I am 24 yrs old

What got you interested in making your products?

  • I had done a series of sweaters when I was younger for a little group/moment I was in and making my own pants n shorts. But didn’t really make it an everyday hobby, then a couple years back I picked it up again with another group of friends in college and they had God&Grind on the shirts but we couldn’t proceed with that name due to legal issues. So Me and my brother Rard jus wanted to find something that was different that nobody had and that would stick and catch eyes. That’s how We came up with Conscious Effort.

What's your favorite thing to make and why?

  • I like Making hoodies, because the type of designs that I have for those fit the hoodies so well it like water it just flows on it. But right now the Tee’s are killing the game right now lol.

What is your most selling product?

  • My most selling product(s) right now would be the originals Money moves shirt and the Thinking Brain shirt. A lot of people like those two.

When first getting started did you encounter any struggles with your business?

  • When I first started I don’t know which side of the vinyl to cut on or all the setting, like you have to set it to the type of paper your cutting on and the force and allat good stuff. I was clueless lol cutting clean through the paper lmao.

Do you encounter any struggles with your business now?

  • Not really everything’s real smooth now, I jus get into the lab do my thang and lace the shirts EffortLess

Are you planning to expand your business one day?

  • Of course, I have dreams to opening my own series of stores with a lot of different products and accessories in different cities. One reason I started was, I was inspired by Nipsey Hussle The Marathon Store when it first opened with all the smart technology within the shirts. That was really dope to me and shidd why not try to create my own version of that with my brand and things.

What do you look forward to making your customers day with your products?

  • I want them to feel like they are the freshest/steeziest male/female in the facility and very confident when they wear my products, confident that your don’t have to necessarily be “woke” in order to be conscious, just more aware of your daily actions. Make your days count and be productive as possible.

Do you give discounts and/or deals with your new customers or returning customers?

  • Yes I do. With my website they have promo code services that generates a code and I can choose which discount I desire. Once I finish updating my site I will be doing one of those as well so make sure y’all be on the lookout for the promo code and grab that and get you a discount on sumthin ya digg lol.

Is there any advice that you would like to give to someone who is starting their own business?

  • Don’t Give Up, it takes time for you business to grow and spread. All you need is a couple of people to wear/try your product and people will start gravitating to your brand. Stay consistent, stay fresh, stay passionate and positive within yourself.

Is there anything else that you would like to say? Any new deals that you have coming up?

  • I would like to say thank you to every one that has purchased some gear from ya boy I high appreciate y’all for real for real.! I have brand new merch in the making from T-shirts to shorts coming, and Ladies the wait is over I have 2 peice sets, dresses and crop tops for y’all to get y’all steeze on with. Stay on the look out. it’s gon be lit lit.!

What's your website and social media outlets

Personal IG: CE_Skoot400

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