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Being in the LGBTQ+ Community and Being Black Vol. 2

Hey, guys so I am back with a Volume 2, and this time we are going to get to the nitty-gritty of things!! Since being "gay" has become such a trend lately, I am going to get you all to understand how it affects us as a community to not have support and to have people claim it just because it is simply the "new wave". Soooo to start it all off I asked my friends on Twitter a few questions about it.

Have you came out yet?

  • Yes 50%

  • No 50%

Does your parents know?

  • Yes 63%

  • No 13%

  • They might have an idea 24%

What are some things that triggers you in the LGBTQ+ Community?

"Feeling like I'm the only person who is having these experiences in my community. Also feeling so limited by my dating options."

"Forcing people to identify or pressing people to identity how you think they should. Policing sexual and not allowing people to choose what they want to be seen or not seen as."