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Being in the LGBTQ+ Community and Being Black Vol. 2

Hey, guys so I am back with a Volume 2, and this time we are going to get to the nitty-gritty of things!! Since being "gay" has become such a trend lately, I am going to get you all to understand how it affects us as a community to not have support and to have people claim it just because it is simply the "new wave". Soooo to start it all off I asked my friends on Twitter a few questions about it.

Have you came out yet?

  • Yes 50%

  • No 50%

Does your parents know?

  • Yes 63%

  • No 13%

  • They might have an idea 24%

What are some things that triggers you in the LGBTQ+ Community?

"Feeling like I'm the only person who is having these experiences in my community. Also feeling so limited by my dating options."

"Forcing people to identify or pressing people to identity how you think they should. Policing sexual and not allowing people to choose what they want to be seen or not seen as."

"The fact that being bisexual isn't fully accepted in the LGBTQ community. So when I "switch" I am looked down upon by lesbians and cheered on by straights because I got back on track."

"Honestly biphobia, and biphobia towards men. It’s more than okay to like two genders and it’s more than okay for black men to be bi. My brother said that they’re righter gay or straight, no in between, it’s a guy thing. It’s a guy thing to downplay sexuality with ignorance and biphobia. Men can be bi, women can be bi, anyone and everyone can be bi."

What do you go by?

  • She/Her 85%

  • He/Him 15%

  • They/Them 0%

How is being openly gay and being black like?

"I mean it feels fine. Currently, I'm in a predominantly black space so I don't feel unaccepted or ostracized but that could change when I'm in more of a predom white space. I do feel like it's expected of me to teach cis black folk about the community."

"It's cool unto a certain extent. I am able to be myself but I know that I am being judge by some. But when it comes to being around older adults and whites its harder because they do not accept it at all."

"Issa struggle lol. You have your friends that are hella Christian and say things like men are supposed to dress like men and women as women and shit but then say hey man whatever you do is whatever you do. It’s just a whole mother ball game being black and queer because we already have so many odds against us and we’re gonna be anything that isn’t heteronormative?" "I’m not gay But I think is more acceptable to see woman gay Then men and I rather a person to be openly gay then to be hiding the shit ...... and I say women cause I like having 3somes 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ women on women is some sexy shit"

Do you feel as if you have support in the black community about your sexuality?

  • Yes 13%

  • No 63%

  • Sometimes 24%

"Nope. Times have changed a lot from how it was received when i was in middle school but I still oftentimes feel the need to remain closeted in a sense. Being “bisexual” is hard bc it’s either fetishized, talked down as being confused, or people want you to pick a side. Because I’ve dated men for the last few years, people assume that I’m straight and that my girlfriend is just a hookup or temporary thing."

"I put sometimes cuz I feel like a lot of our ppl are afraid to admit when they are into other things sexually, even tho I am straight there’s a lot of things I’m into that wouldn’t really get looked at the right way by the black community"

"Yes and no. Moments like I said in the other answer make me question my life then other moments with my best friend make me confirm I am what God made me and I might as well love myself"

Do you use labels? Why or why not?

  • Yes 0%

  • No 100%

"Not really. Labels stifle people too much. Like they're expected to choose when at the end of the day, you don't have to."

"Kinda what I was saying before about people wanting you to pick a side so I don’t say I’m bisexual bc of the reception. Plus I don’t want to feel the need to explain my sexuality to others so i don’t need a label."

"I do but I don't. I tell everyone that I am gay just for the simple fact that I don't want to argue with niggas on why I like girls and don't I want threesomes with them and all of that. Even if I am highly attracted to a guy I won't tell them unless I know 99.9% that they are not just trying to use me for a threesome. "

IF you are apart of the LGBTQ Community: Do your straight friends think that you are trying to hit on them periodically? (DM me your reasoning why. Everything will be anonymous)

  • Yes 33%

  • No 67%

"No, because my friends know my type and they know I am quick to say that I like someone or that I find them attractive."

Straight friends: Do you think that your gay friends are trying to hit (or flirt) with you? (DM me your reasoning why. Everything will be anonymous)

  • Yes 0%

  • No 100%

"No, lol but like when a guy tries to hit on me i peep those vibes and if i feel like my friend trying to do the same, I'm gonna tell her straight up, look. We cool and you're my friend, but i don't like girls line that. I'm sorry, and I hope it don't fuck up our friendship, but i don't rock with that lol"

"I'm not the type to put my whole life on the line especially when it comes to relationships and topics like this but it's 2019. I do use labels. Nine times out of ten when I do not feel like being bothered, I will tell a guy that I am gay due to the simple fact that most guys can't take a hint. In actuality I am bisexual. I do this only because I really just be chilling and I hate having my energy interrupted with foolishness. In the black community, we don't get the support that we need but we are starting to get some kind of support."

I hope you all enjoyed Volume 2 of Being in the LGBTQ+ Community and Black! Be sure to check out Volume 1 to get to understand the depth of things as well. Check out the link below!

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