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Hey, gusies!! Sorry, I completely slacked off last month and did nothing I wanted to do for Black History but my life got extremely busy and hectic. None the less I'm back :)

So here's an update about what's been shapoppin' on my end.

*cues Lil Duval x Smile*

Literally, I've been smiling more and living MY BEST LIFE!! I haven't been this happy in God knows how long. I got rid of everything that caused me pain and that caused a frown on my face and started to look at the brighter side of everything. EVERY day I am thankful that I am able to see another day because someone wasn't. I'm happy that I am able to find myself again without the help of medicine trying to take over. The smile that I have been wearing isn't forced so nobody can't see the pain that I am encountering because there is none. I am able to speak up when I feel something now and I am able to remove myself from situations. I understand that even though, I may not be upset while typing this the other party might be, so instead of being an asshole why not just be the bigger person and walk away?

I have taught myself more self-discipline then I have since I was born. I allowed my temper to get the best of me and I got it back and realized that Sh-Kaia is a "bad bitch" and nobody can stop my shine because it's bright and radiant!

So anywho, with it being Woman's Appreciation Month I am going to shout out a few of my all-time favorite WOMAN entrepreneurs with a blog or vlog depending on if our schedules match!

As Lil Duval and Uncle Snoop said "You got a lot to be smilin' for. So what the fuck you be wylin' for? If you're breathin', you achievin'. We havin' fun this evening, believe me"

As always much love and I am always here for each and everyone of y'all!!

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