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Is Being a Side Chick Fun or Are You Downgrading Yourself?

In today's society, we idolize side chicks. Why? Honestly, I have no clue. What is fun about KNOWING you are breaking up a happy home or couple? It's not in any way shape or form to be PROUD that you are a side chick. We have a lot of artists out there making music encouraging men and woman that it is okay to be a side chick/man. When it's not. Why do we want to downgrade our standards to be "loved". If you ever realized that if that person does leave their significant other for you that, nine times out of ten they will do the SAME EXACT thing that you were doing with them when you got with them to you with someone else. Personally, I believe that you should take a step back and realize that you are worth more than what you are putting out there. Find yourself and realize that you love yourself more than love having sex with that person or that you want whatever that they are giving you. You are loved, but you cannot see it because you do not love yourself enough to realize that. Hone