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Being the Bigger Person

Do you struggle with being the bigger person? Do you have trouble putting your pride to the side and saying okay "Now let's figure out why this happened" or "Now let's see why they feel this way." Now being that I am EXTREMELY hard-headed, stubborn, and stuck in my ways it took me a while to be able to just do this whenever I felt there was an issue. Because I am the type of person if I ask you once or twice what's wrong or what's up with you and you brush it off as nothing then I'm going to take your word for it and say it's nothing but soon as your demeanor or attitude changes towards me then that's when I have an issue and I take it as you have an issue with me and I do not know what I said or did to you for you to have this issue. Then if it's to the point where you going back and forth with others about me and I ask do we have an issue and you say it's nothing then that's when Kyy changes.