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Being the Bigger Person

Do you struggle with being the bigger person? Do you have trouble putting your pride to the side and saying okay "Now let's figure out why this happened" or "Now let's see why they feel this way." Now being that I am EXTREMELY hard-headed, stubborn, and stuck in my ways it took me a while to be able to just do this whenever I felt there was an issue. Because I am the type of person if I ask you once or twice what's wrong or what's up with you and you brush it off as nothing then I'm going to take your word for it and say it's nothing but soon as your demeanor or attitude changes towards me then that's when I have an issue and I take it as you have an issue with me and I do not know what I said or did to you for you to have this issue. Then if it's to the point where you going back and forth with others about me and I ask do we have an issue and you say it's nothing then that's when Kyy changes.

So here are some reasons on why I started to change my ways and become the bigger person:

1. Getting older. Once you reach a certain age you have to stop conducting yourself as if you are that "clueless high schooler" and act like an adult.

2. Stress levels. Being that I was in the hospital off and on for stress during my first two years in college, I refuse to let others stress me because they do not like what I do/say.

3. Being a role model. Being told that people look up you and that everything that you do somebody is watching you.

4. Getting told that I need to change. Being told this by more than one person makes you realize that something that you are doing isn't correct.

These are just some of the reasons why I started being the bigger person. Honestly, it took some work for me get here and I am nowhere near close to being done working on myself. But if I can remember these four main reasons then I know that I am changing and that it's for the best.

So I went to Twitter and asked my followers the following questions:

Do you like being the bigger person?

  • Yes 47%

  • No 53%

Are there times where you feel, that you are the bigger person but isn't working?

  • Oh my goodness, yes! 78%

  • Sometimes 22%

  • No 0%

Does walking away help you?

  • Yes 29%

  • Sometimes 54%

  • No 17%

Has being the bigger person made you think differently in situations?

  • Yes 46%

  • No 31%

  • Kinda 23%

"Yes, because realizing that blowing up is bad for everything and everyone. So I will be the bigger person and realize it doesn’t cause a bigger issue than the one at hand makes you realize it’s good for the next time you need to be the bigger person"

"being the bigger person in situations make me look at it two ways. one at my self for knowing that I am capable of walking away and growth within myself. but the other way is at the other person because if i have to be the bigger person then what does that make them. incapable of letting someone else “win” or don’t being able to change"

I am not forcing you or telling you to be the bigger person, but if you realize that life is steady going in the same direction then you need to realize that the only way that YOU will be happy is if you change or remove yourself from those types of people.

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