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Greek Life 101

So everyone LOVVVVEEEESSSSS to talk about the Divine 9 or D9, for short. Society sees us as "party animals" always getting into trouble, or even about hazing. As NPHC we are more than just that! Yes, we do stroll/strut, we do step, we do community service, and we do party. We ARE college students or recent grad students who joined an organization to help better our community while we are able to still have fun.

Today I am going to tell you how to approach an organization that you are interested as well as tell you some things that we are perceived as in the media.

Here are 6 tips on what to do when looking to join NPHC:

1. Do your research

  • by this I mean I actually find out what each organization does and how you can help this organization not what the organization can do for you.

2. Be discreet!

  • DO NOT and I mean DO NOT go around telling your sister, mother, cousin, auntie, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc that you wanna be xyz. If the whole world knows then so does the org that you are trying to join meaning there is a possibility that you will not choose.

3. Get involved.

  • Don't try to join a sorority or fraternity and you have no idea what's going on on campus. Join other organizations on campus as well do not just wait around and only join a frat or sorority.

4. Have leadership skills.

  • This goes hand and hand with getting involved. Show the organization that you have leadership skills and that you are able to plan different events.

5. Make yourself know.

  • Do not be so discreet that the organization that you want to join doesn't know you. Become friends with at least one person in that chapter and go to their events and speak when you see them.

6. Maintain your grades!

  • Do not try to join an organization and you barely have the GPA that you need to join that organization. Keeping up your grades is good for not only the organization but for you as well because your main goal is to graduate.

So I went to Twitter and asked my followers a few questions:

Are you Greek?

Yes 73% No 27%

If you aren't Greek are you thinking about becoming Greek?

Yes 41% No 24% Not sure 35%

Do you know what discretion is?

Yes 92% No 8%

What is your intake on Greek Life?

"I love it, but I can't afford it."

"I feel that Greek life is a very special community where like-minded individuals from different walks, backgrounds & personalities can come together to be a part of a legacy while giving back, ESPECIALLY to the black community. Despite the differences in colors, symbols & mottos, etc at the end of the day, all our founders had similar goals; to promote education & service. I don’t think non-members nowadays take D9 as seriously as they should. They don’t respect it as they should. & honestly, it’s D9’s fault bc we don’t respect each other. Pettiness is funny every now & again big chapters are beefing in front of non-Greeks. Throwing jabs at each other in front non-Greeks. D9 is a FAMILY. There is no “D9” without all orgs on deck. There needs to be more D9 unity so that we can continue showing non-Greeks that NPHC is lit & indeed increase opportunities for them. Regardless of the org, it’s nice when you see a fellow D9 & can instantly connect with them bc y’all have Greek in common. Like family, you should automatically look out for each other. To me, that’s what Greek life is about besides promoting education, service & uplifting the community (black community)."

"I came in fall 17 so I don’t really have a lot of experience about Greek life, especially since the Greek life at my school ain’t wassup. What I hear older Greeks say a lot, though, is that it’s being watered down, and I can see where that’s true. I feel like more orgs are going for numbers instead of quality, and that’s a reason why Greek life is starting to be portrayed so negatively. Instead of accepting the best of the best like it’s supposed to be, we’re also letting in “okay” and “decent,” and when the okay and decent folks act crazy, it looks bad."

"My real feelings about Greek life. I feel like what Greek life was originally intended for has strayed slightly, this is me looking from the outside in. That doesn't mean there aren't people who join for the right reasons. I think it has become very elitist in that people use it was a way to feel better than and exclude certain types of people. I also think they do great work in the community and had a hand in inspiring me to better myself and my role in the community. I think there are too many people who have joined for the wrong reasons and it shows and that's where a lot of the negative stigmas of Greek life have come from. "

"My intake on Greek life is the same way I feel about life in general. You have some people who use the positions they are in for clout and make other people feel bad for not being in that position. I feel nothing is wrong with or without being Greek personally, but I also feel that the negative stigmas have been overshadowing Greek life. Especially to non-Greeks, they always say “we paying for friends”, or “I'm not paying that amount of $ just to stroll”. This kind of irks me because of the fact that some people may have joined Greek orgs just for that specific purpose, but that doesn’t mean everybody does it. I believe the stigmas would die out if they actually did they research on the orgs and see what we need to do to stay in the orgs. Because I don’t know anyone who would make sure they GPA is high, do countless hours of service, graduate, and still put in the work after college life just to have friends. While strolling and stepping is fun and all, this isn’t what Greek life is about. "

Do you think that Greeks are put in a more negative light or positive light?

Negative 33% Positive 17% Both 50%

"I feel like Greeks put ourselves in a negative light by the way we are on social media. We don’t post a lot of community service, and I’m not saying that we need to because that’s not the point, but we do involve ourselves in a lot of shenanigans on social media. The paper/made discussion, downing other orgs, always trying to drag someone; it makes us look bad. It’s funny at the time, but we have to realize that the comments don’t stay within the Greek community but non-Greeks see it, too, which makes us look petty and like we aren’t doing much. Especially considering we don’t really post the good things we do as much."

"Greek life almost never in a positive light. Why is that? I believe that we as fellow members of the Divine 9 have lost our values in what our founders wanted our organization to be. They didn't risk their lives or started something different for us to join and lose sight of what they wanted us to uphold.

As a community, I believe that we should help each other regardless of what 3 letters are on our chest. Those letters DO NOT define you nor made you into the person that you are today. Those letters enhance your ability to be an even greater individual in this community. "

Do the way that Greeks act upon your campus/community make you feel less than a person?

At times 32% No 53% Yes 15%

Do you think that we could be better role models to those who look up to us?

Yes 82% No 0% Sometimes 18%

Does the Divine Nine help in the community or could we do better?

Yes 36% Somewhat 30% Y'all need some work 34%

I then asked why did some of the members of the Divine 9 choose their organization and they said:

"Was already trying to narrow my choices, but I loved the vibe and togetherness of two separate chapters even though they were small, and had some personal experience with some of the issues we’re working to overcome. It just felt right lol"

"I joined my organization based on the fact of the history of the fraternity, and the way the men in the fraternity carried themselves. Not only did they have the same goal as me, but they also were a very diverse group of men. Not only did I see this on the campus I went to, I saw this on other campuses during visits as well. After researching all of the D-9 frats, I knew AΦA was the right choice!"

"I joined my organization because I felt at home. I'm very big on not feeling at out of place in certain things that I attend or join because if I cannot be myself then it's not for me. I knew I choose the right organization for me because my chapter accepted me for me and my whole origination did once I started to travel more and go to different functions for them."

So this is just a little about Greek Life. I will be doing a vlog about it as well because Greek Life is a trending topic and I believe that you all will get a better understanding with actually hearing what I am saying that me writing about it. So until next time guys.😘

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