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It's Fall Szn!!!

Hey guises its my favorite time of the year!! FALLLLLLLLLLLL is here!!! So with that being said its what should you wear during the fall and winter season!

So if you are in the South like myself you know we "complain" about the cold because I know once it hits 65 and below in Louisiana I am like "Oh no its time for the boots, scarfs, beanies, etc." lol but as we all know Louisiana weather is bipolar than a muthaf******!! So here's how to dress for the day when you walk outside in the morning with it being 55 and below and by mid day it's 75 degrees outside.

My thanksgiving fit is the perfect example of how you can dress during the fall/winter in the south!

My jacket came from SAMs.

My pants came from Rue 21.

My turtleneck came from Wally World.

My boots came from JCP.

Overall cost for this whole outfit was about $40.

So as you can tell I wore this outfit hiking in the woods and just to sit around in the living room. You do not have to go all out to be cute the dignity of simplicity is always the best way to go. Being simple is cute because I can reuse all of these items and make it into a new outfit and nobody would know.

So do not forget to call me if you have an event that you want to dress for and don't know how to do so I definitely got youuuuuuuu!!!

Love the kid,


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