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New Look on Apprehensive

Hey guys so as you all know 2019 is approaching us sooner than we expected so with that being said we have a BRAND NEW LOOK!!

Each page background means something different and here are their meanings:


The reasoning for the feather background is because I like to think of myself like a feather. I can help others fly but as soon as they reach their full potential with me then I am to let go and let them be able to grow with everything that I have taught them. A feather is also very transparent meaning not only do they blend in with their surroundings but they are beautiful when they stand out on their own as well.

Finding You:

The reasoning for the smoky background is because the page is called finding you and the smoke is you being trapped and not being able to get out or breathe because we lost ourselves trying to please others. Now we are looking for the new you.


The reasoning for the blinds background is because you never know who you are going to meet and what they can do for you if the blinds are still closed.

Learning More About Kyy:

The reasoning for the distraught brick background is because throughout the 22 years I have been on this Earth I have been broken, torn apart, hurt, and more. But through it all, I still stand like a brick wall who's been through it all. I may have holes here and there but they are going to heal and get fixed.

I hope that you understand that change is good and it is therapeutic. I hope you see how everything all ties in together with my new look on the blog itself.

Love you



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