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Meet Melanin Eclectic

So I ran across an Instagram page called @melanineclectic and it caught my attention so I ended up following her. Weeks and months went on and I happened to run across her page again and I had time to actually sit down and watch ALL of her videos and go through her blog. When I tell you, that I fell in awe with what I saw. Who would have thought that I would be in inspired to make my own planners because I saw how easy it was, if you just take the time out and do it. Also the fact that she brought book reviews into a different perspective, by doing it with makeup. I was extremely excited so I simply slid in her DMs and asked her a few questions which are listed below.

Meet Melanin Eclectic

Britney Thompson, owner of Melanin Eclectic, was born in Jacksonville, NC. She spent most of her childhood in Okinawa, Japan and some time in Stuttgart, Germany. She attended Florida State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and now works full time as a Petroleum Engineer in Houston. She loves reading, everything nerd related and any chance to get out the country and see more of the world.

Why did you want to blog/vlog?

"I do not remember what made me want to start a blog. I actually started my blog to try and document my weightloss story. It then turned to makeup and it has evolved into what it is today. Even though I am still trying to get the whole fitness life together I decided to keep the channel and just start sharing what it was to be myself. "

What or who inspired you?

"The first major makeup video that I remember is from Jennie Jenkins. I remember just being amazed with her lipstick and it was my first time buying a bright color lipstick and feeling empowered. (Lipstick does wonders to your confidence) Youtube in general is pretty inspiring especially when you find genuine people who are completely happy being themselves and showing that. That is really what inspired me to be unapologetically myself and be comfortable sharing it. "

What made you think about telling book reviews through makeup?

"I have many obsessions and I have always found it difficult to give them all equal love. I got the idea when I was reading Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyami and I really enjoyed how the review came out. I tend to be pretty good at doing makeup and I started thinking that different books described things that could be translated into makeup. The added bonus was that it gave me something to do with my hands instead of just looking at the camera and talking. "

What made you want to make your own planners?

"I am very serious about my bullet journal and I love the freedom that making your planner gives. It was because of a subscriber that I started making planners for other people. That planner had a very quick turn around and once I showed the results I received multiple orders for more and it is now apart of what I do. "

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

"Starting a business is not something that you just wake up one day and do. I strongly suggest you define what your business is and research the market you are trying to get into. You have to find your own niche in whatever market you are stepping into and it can be very hard not to compare yourself to other business when you get started. It takes a lot of work especially if you are like and have a full time job during the day. Another important thing is creating the business and locking down your name and tax information. Organization is probably the most important part because you need to keep logs and proper tax information. Starting a business is terrifying but as my business progresses I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished so far. "

What advice would you give to someone who has their own blog/vlog?

"The only person who truly has your perspective and your life is you so if you want to start documenting or sharing your life. DO IT! You just have to remember why you started the blog or your channel. If you are doing it for the views, you might as well not even bother because you will lose motivation very quickly unless you end up creating a viral video. "

What advice would give to a business owner who is looking to expand?

"Melanin Eclectic, LLC started in April 2018, so I have not gotten to the point where I am expanding. I am however looking to expand my apartment so that I can have one room for my business and not have to occupy my dining room table. I suggest that you keep track of everything so you can track your monthly gains and on big projects track your time so you can see where you can afford to expand or even hire someone to help you out. I look forward to the day that I reach this point so I can have a regular bedtime again. "

So for all my college students and the ones who like to stay organized and just can't seem to get the hang of it check out for tips and different ideas that you can do with your planner.

If you are looking for new planner stickers as well then check out To check out her different Designs as well!!

Also for all my book lovers, if you are looking for a new book to read and different techniques or brands of makeup watch her vlogs on youtube.

Now my all time favorite video is this one:

Soooo tell me that you didn't enjoy watching this video?! I'll wait...Britney made me want to read Sea Witches, I don't even like science-fiction or fantasy fiction books! PLUS did you see how she beat her face to the book itself?!


I was learning things that I didn't even know myself!!

So if you liked that video trust me there's a lot more where those came from! So go and check out my girl Melanin Eclectic!!

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