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Workin' on Being Fit

So, I have been asked about how I stay motivated to workout and how I lost 20lbs over the summer. It took me a while to figure out how to write this out because there is no certain way that I did it other than just being disciplined and really wanting it for me and not for anyone else. As most of you all know I was apart of Dom's 100 Day Challenge, and during this challenge, I was able to reach my goal and I lost 20 lbs. Literally, all I did was watched what I ate and worked out nonstop. I tried to get in at least two workouts a day one in the morning to get me energized for the day and one at night to burn the rest of the calories that I have eaten.

During my workouts, I would spend no less than 30 minutes and no more than an hour and a half. I worked out outside in my school's parking garage. I feel like you sweat more and go harder when you are outside than you do when you are inside. My workouts were never constant. I switched it up every day but the one thing that I did do every day was RUN! Now if you know me, you know I do not run for anything. So the way how Southeastern is set up is, the dorms are on the other side of the parking garage. During the summer I lived in Washington Hall (for those who aren't familiar with campus it is the dorm closest to the main street in Hammond) and I would walk to the parking garage and then when I made it to the garage I would run the first floor twice, then run the stairs, do jump squats, crunches, and whatever else I felt at the moment. I would do at the least two sets and at the most four sets.

Then I started working out with OLs, Orientation Leaders, and I would incorporate their workouts into mines, to kill 2 birds with one stone. Which changed my workouts a little but not a lot though. I do find it easier to work out with others than by yourself because you can push each other to do better and to keep going. I also find it easier to get a good workout with pre-workouts. I use Amino Energy and it gives me the boost of energy that I need to keep going for that extra thirty minutes.

Okay Kyy, you said worked out but did you watch what you ate as well or no?

Yes, I did a lot of working out but I also watched what I ate. I don't eat pork or beef before I started my diet so the only thing that I changed was that I stopped eating red meat as well. So, I never was the type to eat burgers either after my freshmen year in college so that wasn't my issue. My BIGGEST issue was the fried food. Granted I am allergic to grease but I absolutely love fried seafood and fries. So I had to stop eating them. It worked out for the best though. I don't count my calories because I find myself not eating enough trying to reach my goal. So I just eat 6 times a day. Meaning breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack. I did have one cheat meal a week, but after while i stop having cheat meals because I wasn't craving anything sweet or fatty. Whenever I wanted something sweet I would either eat fruit or make a smoothie and that would my sub sweet craving because it would still be healthy.

do not go cold turkey or you will fail horribly just do it little by little!!

you do not want to retract all the hard work you did by just stop eating cookies as a whole or whatever you currently do now just do it piece by piece only eat one cookie a day until you can get to one cookie a week, to no cookies a week.

So how my day normally went over the summer was:

6:30a - workout 7:45a- shower 8:30a - breakfast 10:30a - snack 12-12:30- lunch 2:30 - snack 5:30-6 - dinner 7p- workout 8 - snack

So if you are really trying to lose weight I always tell people that starts with you. I use to always say that I wanted to lose weight and never did anything about it until I finally got tired of looking at myself being bigger than normal. Once you are mentally ready to change your physical appearance then your psychical appearance will change over time. Nothing happens overnight but if you are dedicated and motivated then change will happen!

Remember my motto, "If you ain't sweatin' then what you doing?!" Don't go to the gym to be cute go to the gym to get cuter for that new you!

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