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Day 1 out of 22

As the day finally comes to an end, I am thankful for all the people that I have in my life. Around 10 am this morning I had a breakdown and cried in the bathroom stall because I realized that today was September 1st. One year ago, today, I found out that I was pregnant and hours later I told to get an abortion. As this month continues and we quickly approach the twenty-second, I am going to try my best to share with you all my emotions and thought process and how I conquered this and how I will conquer this all over again.

I started a support group for myself with my closest friends and with them knowing that I need them now more than ever will help me. I won't be able to disappear as much because of all the eyes I have on me and the fact that I am not trying to disappear. Dealing with the biggest heartaches I have been through in my whole life is a challenge every day, but nobody would ever know because I fake it until I make it.

I am Sh-Kaia and I will get over this bump in the road. Whether it means I have to take my antidepressants every day, blog every hour, or cry every minute. I will be okay, and I will get through this regardless of how much pain it brings me!

As this month continues I will keep posting my emotions and feelings towards everything. I don't want anyone else to think that they must do this alone because my first time going through it I did it alone. It sucked ass!! So, I am here for anyone who has dealt with this and I am willing to talk to you about my experience and listen to yours as well and give advice if you would like me to.

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