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Being Okay in Your Own Skin

A lot of people do not feel comfortable in their own skin. Why?! Everyone's reason is different. I was there once. My journey to getting out of it was a struggle at first but then I finally started coming around and being myself. Here's how I did it:

Back in high school, I was told by Eric that every morning I should wake up and walk to the mirror and say "You a bad bitch" every day, even now, I do this. This brought me to the point to where I am now and being there took me awhile because I always saw myself as a tomboy or one of the homeboys. (I still do till this day) Growing up was hard because I always tried to fit in and be someone I was but would change when I came around certain people. Granted everyone did that growing up but I kept doing it until I joined my sorority. I only felt comfortable around my best friends to be my true self. Sometimes I still I do not feel as if I can be myself around others so I just fall back and observe.

This is one of the main reasons why I got into fashion was because that was my only way to express myself without talking about it to others. I took it out on the clothes that I designed growing up, which my mother hated me doing and wearing it when I was a child. Now I just go out and shop to keep me sane and keep me out of depressions for a period of time. It took me 6 years to have the confidence that I have now. I am not only asked daily where I got this and that from but I am also asked to helped to revamp others closet. Even though at times, I do not feel happy or like myself I know if I "dress up" then by the end of the day there's a chance that my mood will change. This only happens because I have talked myself into believing this.

Having confidence is a mind game and once you figure out how to master a piece of it then you will soon have the whole puzzle in your hand. "When your nails did, hair is done to the t, your twist out poppin', eyebrows on fleek, makeup poppin', outfit bomb as fuck, you know you the shit and can't nobody tell you shit. That's how you have to feel every day" (Kenya Ridley). Now everything will not happen overnight as you can see it took me 6 years to get where I am now. During the sixth year, I actually started to believe it and then my attitude started changing and people started noticing. After that, it was uphill from there. With the saying "fake it until you make it" attitude I actually made it and now I am able to help others while still learning myself.

Once you are able to understand that you are the shit then you will soon know that you are the shit as well. Nobody can take your confidence and NOBODY will be able to once you start believing in yourself. It all starts with yourself and not others. Others do not know you. YOU KNOW YOU! You know what you want to do and others are either going to support you or try to talk to you down. But DO NOT let the negativity take over your life! You use that negativity and make it a positive for you! Show them that yeah I hear you but I damn sure do NOT believe you because I know I am the shit! Like Kenya said, "Once you believe yourself then you know its the truth"

**Tips on how to grow your confidence will be up later with a vlog with Kenya by the end of the month!**

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